Post Exposure Cleansing


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The following decontamination recommendations are not intended to preclude
comprehensive training from an established industry source. Consult your
agency SOP or General Orders.

     Remove the subject from the contaminated area. Keep calm, restrict activity,
and check to make sure subject is breathing correctly. Most subjects will
begin to feel relief within 20-30 minutes. If after 45 minutes the subject does
not feel relief, call EMS / Physician.


1. DO NOT allow the subject to rub their eyes.
2. DO NOT apply commercial eyewash. Wash eyes out with generous
    amounts of cool water and turn face in the direction of moving wind.
3. Determine if the subject is wearing contact lenses. If so, allow them to
    remove or call EMS to remove them. Do not remove lenses yourself. Hard
    contact lenses should be cleaned thoroughly, soft contacts lenses should
4. Keep eyes open and turn face in the direction of moving wind.
    agency SOP or General Orders.


1. Breath normally
2. Blow nose to remove discharge and OC particles.


1. DO NOT apply creams, salves, oils, lotions, or burn cream. These will confine
    resin particles inside the skin causing increased pain.
2. Ice may be applied to burning areas.
3. Shower with cool water using mild soap and shampoo hair.
4. Paper towels may be used to remove resin from the skin and speed up the
    decontamination period. Discard after just 1 use.
5. Flush the skin with generous amounts of cool water and face in the direction
    of moving wind


1. Verbally reassure subject that the effects they are feeling are temporary.
    Talk reassuringly to subject to help relieve discomfort and avert panic.
    Advise to relax and breathe normally.

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