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Our Products and Services


Reliapon Police Products, Inc. has a full spectrum of OC products, accessories, training books/videos, and other law enforcement and first responder safety products.  If you are a qualifying Agency or Dealer and wish to Purchase Products Online or download Spec Book & Pricing information, please go to our eCommerce Online Store .

Aerosol Subject Restraints ASR Inert Training Sprays ASR Accessories Handcuffs/Restraints Flashlights/LEDs Surveillance & Detection Equipment
Training Books and Videos Training & Tactical Gear Clothing/Protective Gear Civilian & Specialty Items Instructor Training
Bio Rescue

Aerosol Subject Restraints ] ASR Inert Training Sprays ] ASR Accessories ] Handcuffs/Restraints ] LED Flashlight ] Training Books and Videos ] Surveillance & Detection Equipment ] Tactical & Training Gear ] Clothing/Protective Gear ] Civilian & Specialty Items ] [Instructor Training]

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