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II. (December 2003) Hunting & Fishing Gear Review         

III. (February 2003)  SWAT Magazine 

IV. (January 29, 2003) Information Bulletin 

                                 V. (February 01, 2002) RELIAPON Launches    
                                 AMERICAN  DEFENSE™  For US Law    
                                 Enforcement and Homeland Defense Agencies.

                                 VI. (February 2002) Trainers/AIE® Technology  




Ventura, CA/July 1, 2004---RELIAPON POLICE PRODUCTS, INC., a leader in non-lethal products and training used worldwide by Law Enforcement and Military Agencies, has developed an Infrared Version of its very successful Pocket Pro™ 100% Hands-Free, Directable, Concealable LED Light Source.  This IR Version provides the user a bright-line light source under Night Vision operations, while being invisible to the naked eye.

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 (December 2003)  Hunting & Fishing Gear Review - Reliapon's new Pocket Pro™ 100% hands free LED Flashlight.

Reliapon’s new patent-pending LED Flashlight clips into your shirt pocket for 100% hands free operation.  Its rotating adjustable light arm puts the light where you need it, and is available with Super-Bright red, white, blue, or green LEDs.  Pocket Pro is perfect for: Sports Enthusiasts, Police, Emergency Responders, Students, Night Owls, Repair Technicians and a host of other professions.  Its advanced electronics include an  Instant On/Off button and a Battery-saving 5 minute auto-off timer. With its Super-thin, sleek design, Pocket Pro comfortably rests in shirt pocket.

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(February 2003) SWAT Magazine - Reliapon's new OC Spray with AIE®  Technology

American Defense with AIE® Technology is an innovative new OC spray that utilizes a unique combination of ingredients, technology and highly specialized mixing techniques to produce a more effective ASR.

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(January 29, 2003) Dangerous Chemical Found in Some Brands of Pepper Spray - while Reliapon Products proven safe.

Reliapon Police Products does not, and has never utilized any chemical or Isopropyl Alcohol (which may also cause corneal damage) in any Aerosol Subject Restraint(ASR). Further, Reliapon Police Products, Inc. wishes to make clear that no Reliapon ASR product contains Carcinogens or Hazardous Ingredients of any kind.

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(February 01, 2002) RELIAPON Launches AMERICAN DEFENSE™ 
For US Law Enforcement and Homeland Defense Agencies.

VENTURA, CA (February 01, 2002) – Reliapon Police Products today announces the presentation of American Defense a very unique brand of Aerosol Subject Restraints (ASR) specifically formulated for US Law Enforcment and Homeland Defense agencies. American Defense features AIE® Technology (Accelerated Inflammatory Effect), an innovative new technology available exclusively from Reliapon Police Products and its Distributors beginning February 2002.

American Defense contains no carcinogens and no isopropyl alcohol, while providing homeland defense agencies with a new tool that will cause an “instantaneous results” upon exposure. AIE® Technology delivers the single most significant improvement in pepper-spray performance in twenty-five (25) years. Developed expressly for US Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Homeland Defense agencies, AIE® Technology features a unique combination of ingredients, mixed in a highly specialized manner, and delivered with maximum impact that facilitates the accelerated irritation, soreness, and the involuntary inflammation of the eye capillaries and mucous membranes, causing American Defense to take its desired effect over 50% faster than competitive brands.

American Defense is the future for law enforcement” states Vince Zucchero, President and CEO of Reliapon and its sister company Aerosprays, Inc., “It is new, extremely fast-acting, and one day every brand of law enforcement pepper spray will feature AIE® Technology from Reliapon”.

Reliapon Police Products also produces other well-known pepper spray products such as BodyGuard Plus™, BG-X®, BG-V®, STROAM®, and RiotMASTER®. The company maintains corporate offices and manufacturing in a new 44,000 square foot facility in Ventura, CA. The company also owns the copyright and distribution rights to over twenty (20) titles of defensive tactics instructional videotapes and publications that are considered by most to be the “industry standard”.
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(Feb 2002) Trainers/AIE® Technology  

Dear Training Professional,

We’ve all heard the stories, too many times to mention, about officers having to repeatedly spray subjects with their Aerosol Subject Restraint (ASR) with little or no effect at all. Well, those days are OVER. There’s a new breed of ASR unlike any you’ve ever seen before now available to your agency, and it’s called American Defense™.

When asked to develop a new, high performance defense spray for our homeland defense agencies, Reliapon not only had to meet very specific performance requirements, but do so without jeopardizing the physical safety of exposed subjects. The requestor’s primary objective was to supply its personnel with a lethal force option that provided immediate compliance. That’s how AIE® Technology was born!

AIE® Technology is the melding of three (3) different technologies combined together to produce one (1) desired effect - an Accelerated Inflammatory Effect (AIE®). Those three (3) different technologies are:
1. Dual Propellant System (DPS™):
      Two (2) non-flammable propellants that are safe, environmentally friendly, and contain no   
      VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has  
      already approved our primary propellant for use in pharmaceutical applications.
2. Unique Delivery System:
      The stream delivery system is exceedingly unique in that it is the very first of it’s kind to be  
      designed and built from beginning to end as a “matched set” in order to deliver a very specific 
      end result. In essence, the American Defense™ stream delivers up to 300% more active 
      ingredient per one second burst than all other competitive brands.
3. Proprietary Formulations:
      With 3 pungency levels to choose from, American Defense™ formulations are comprised 
      of elements that enhance and accelerate the effects of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). All of the    
      elements are Non-Carcinogenic; contain NO Methylene Chloloride and NO Isopropyl 
      Alcohol that could cause corneal burns.

Collectively, the three (3) elements above create an Accelerated Inflammatory Effect on the exposed subject. This unique blend of ingredients, technology, and highly specialized mixing techniques, gives American Defense™ users a much more effective ASR than was ever available until now. While many elements of AIE® Technology have already been incorporated into the four (4) other brands of ASRs manufactured by Reliapon Police Products, American Defense™ is the only brand that contains all three of theses unique enhancements.

As the unmistakable leader in non-lethal defense spray technology, Reliapon Police Products takes great pride in providing innovative technologies that advance officer safety in order that law enforcement, corrections, and homeland defense agencies may continue to professionally and safely serve their communities.

Reliapon Police Products is seeking fifty (50) agencies to conduct a formal test and evaluation of American Defense™. If interested, please contact us via email and we will forward the information you need in order to participate.

E-Mail: info@reliapon.com
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