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Reliapon Training Programs

Reliapon Police Products offers sophisticated and up-to-date training in the use of Aerosol Subject Restraints (ASRs).   These programs are designed for those responsible for training others in their Department/Agencies.  Considering the high cost of litigation resulting from a lack of training or inadequate training or the use of ineffective products, Departments/Agencies are in a position where personnel must have the most current and best training available.  Personnel, properly trained, are more confident, more effective, more efficient, and yield results that are expected by the public.  Personnel, properly trained, help create an atmosphere of trust in the civilian population.

While many of the measures taken by Departments/Agencies as a reaction to Excessive Use of Force claims may be positive (such as additional training in areas of human relations), others are not (creation of new legal affairs divisions, investigation of officers not related to alleged incidents), and cost the taxpayer extra money, while at the same time depleting Department/Agency budgets of badly needed funds to fight serious street crimes. 

(For sworn law enforcement or correction officers, federal agents, active military personnel, or state-licensed security officers)

The Basic Instructor OC Certification Program (OC-ICP) is valid for 36 calendar months and allows certificate holders to undertake departmental training by providing continuing instruction in the specific area of certification.

Reliapon offers this 8 hour course, which covers all aspects relating to the use of Aerosol Subject Restraints (ASRs), and OC Sprays, in particular.  All types of such devices are studied as to their respective proper use and situational deployment.  Use of Force curriculum is included and the program is designed to Deter And Virtually Eliminate (DAVE™) or reduce departmental Excessive Use of Force claims.   Students will have hands-on experience with the different ASRs.  

Topics for this course include:

  • OC Formulations
  • Projectors / Propellants / Delivery Systems
  • Effectiveness / Safety / Liability Factors
  • Criteria For Selection
  • Operational Guidelines / Practical Exercises
  • Post Exposure Cleansing
  • Officer Survival Techniques
  • Criminal and Civil Liability
  • Use of Force Options
  • Deployment Methods
  • Surviving an OC Attack 
  • Exposure Exercises

In the worldview, a renewed fight against terrorism has caused Reliapon to undertake development of a very specialized course to a very select few.  Enrollment in this course once available will be highly restricted, as described below.  Applicants for this course should be advised that background checks will be undertaken, and names will be provided to the US Department of Justice.

OC "Tactical Aircraft Counter-Terrorism" Course


This progressive course is designed for verified commercial airline and specific classes of airline personnel only.  Due to the confidential nature of this subject matter (materials and tactics), please contact us directly to determine if you qualify for TACT™.  This curriculum is very intense.  Applicants will be screened prior to being accepted for enrollment to this program.


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Free Download PDF
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If you are interested in participating in an OC Instructor Training Course, resulting in certification, please contact:

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