Surveillance & Detection Equipment

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Surveillance and Detection Equipment

Reliapon’s commitment to its customers has culminated in the development and marketing of some of the most effective surveillance and detection tools of their kind, as shown below.



MII Flashcam™ is a Mil-Spec, combination high-power flashlight, videocamera (with full audio) system that is capable of accurately recording all events, even in complete darkness.  The pictures and audio can then be downloaded to a Personal Computer, and utilized as necessary.  The information is fully secure, serialized, date-coded and cannot be altered.  For a demonstration, please click on “MII Demo” below (note that this download may take a while when not utilizing a high-speed Internet connection).  For more info, please click on “MII Specifications”.  NSN: 6230-01-532-4061.
MII Demo download                                        MII Specifications download


XT-II Thermal Cam™ is a Mil-Spec, hand-held thermal imaging device that can capture up to 150 picture images, to a distance of about 1,000 yards.  The XT-II Thermal Cam is heat-sensitive to 1/10th of 1 degree F.  All of the images are downloadable to a Personal Computer, and are secure, serialized, date-coded and cannot be altered by third parties.  For more info, please click on “XT-II Specifications”.


XT-II Specifications download




Surveillance and Detection Equipment


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