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We manufacture a broad group of sprays and spray types--the
most complete line of sprays available on the market.  All of our sprays are nonflammable, non-carcinogenic, free of  isopropyl alcohol, and use safe, liquefied propellant, approved by the FDA for use in pharmaceutical products.  All are Taser-Safe, when used appropriately.

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Please click on the Formulation Matrix below to determine which of our sprays best fit your situation.

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Whether your preference is stream, streamy foam, cone or fog type sprays, we can fill every need.  All of the product components, from flip-top or break-away top actuators, valves, canisters, pepper extracts, propellants and other materials are the most durable, effective and highest quality available.  No cheap fillers are used in our sprays.  

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American Defense Catalog  PDF File

The American Defense™ brand, which includes all parts of our exclusive AIE® Technology, offers a choice of three different formulae (10%, 2,000,000 SHU; 5%, 2,000,000 SHU; and 10%, 500,000 SHU) in streams utilizing a flip-top actuator delivery system in the MK-3 and MK-4 sizes.  The MK-9 is a crowd control fogger unit.  While all of our brands use various parts of AIE technology, making them the most effective sprays on the market, only American Defense incorporates all of this AIE technology. 

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The STROAM® brand sprays feature a streamy foam product, ideal for use in closed environments, where no airstream contamination is permitted.  STROAM is the only foam spray formulated to be emitted as a foam while instantly  liquifying upon contact, thus eliminating any "throwback" and at the same time being as effective as a cone spray.  STROAM is a 5% OC product (along with 2% OP), and is rated at 2,000,000 SHU.  

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BodyGuard Plus™ is a unique spray, utilizing two different pepper extracts.  It is available as a flip-top cone spray or as a break-away top wide fogger.  It is rated at 2,000,000 SHU, with a 5% OC and 2% OP content.

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BG-X® is a 10%, 2,000,000 SHU spray.  It is available as either a flip-top cone or break-away top wide fogger.  

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 BG-V® is a 5%, 2,000,000 SHU spray.  It is available as either a flip-top cone or break-away top wide fogger.

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A complete line of inert training units are available in all sizes, types of tops and spray patterns. (Click on "Reliapon Inert Training Unit" above)

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